Thursday, February 4, 2010
This week's DONKEY OF THE WEEK is the lovely JaJuan. She's a real woman with some seriously authentic, real female curves. As always here at Hip Hop & Bullshit, we like to feature models who actually look like women as opposed to them other magazines/sites who like to promote emaciated, stick-figure girls who have bodies similar to 13 year-old adolescent boys (with no curves what-so-ever). Me personally, I'm not into the little boy look. I prefer voluptuous, curvy, thick, lusciousness!!! Haha. Let's just say that JaJuan fits this description perfectly.

JaJuan has been in the modeling game for the last four years and has been featured in some big-time men's magazines such as: FBM Magazine, One Ten Magazine, and Urban Curves Magazine. In addition, JaJuan has been featured all over the internet as Dyme of the Year in 2006 at Bauze Magazine among many other features on various sites like 504 Dymes, 69 Flavors,, and VBlazin Magazine.

I had the pleasure of linkin' up with J.J. through our DONKEY OF THE CENTURY Elke The Stallion (refer to DONKEY OF THE CENTURY - ELKE THE STALLION). Elke has a fleet of "STALLION MODELS" which J.J. is one of. Elke felt that "curvier more exotic models weren't being represented to their fullest in the urban market." Well, I think J.J. was an excellent pick Elke!!! With a 37DD-27-44 frame, J.J. is extremely hard not to fantasize about. She's a 5'7", 154 lb beauty that I recently was able to interview regarding her career and her desires. Peep our interview below:

MONEY MIZ: What up J.J.? Thanks for takin' the time out to sit down for an interview. How are things goin' for you so far in 2010?

JAJUAN: Thank you! It's my pleasure! 2010 has been outstanding so far. I can't wait for what else is in store!

MONEY MIZ: That's great to hear. I hope the year continues this way for you. For my readers to get to know you a little better, where are you from and what's your ethnicity?

JAJUAN: I'm from Denver, Colorado. My ethnicity is Black/Hispanic. To be specific, I'm African American, Mexican and Cuban.

MONEY MIZ: Wow. That's one hell of a beautiful mix! I guess it really shows, huh? (Laughing.) You have a very original name that I've never heard of before. Where'd you get your name from and is there any hidden meaning to it?

JAJUAN: No, there's no meaning that I know of. My dad wanted to name me after my grandmother (Juana) and my mother had a friend named Juwon so they put it together and came up with JaJuan. Of course growing up nobody in the neighborhood could pronounce it, so they all just started callin' me J.J. (Laughing.)

MONEY MIZ: Word. You have quite an amazing body, which I've had the pleasure to view in your various magazine and online photo spreads. Have you always been blessed with such beautiful curves and what would an ordinary woman need to do to attain such bodily beauty?

JAJUAN: Thank you! To be honest, the curves are hereditary. The women in my family have breasts and butts. I do however have to stay in the gym to keep things tight and round in the right places! I do lots of cardio, weight training, and of late, yoga.

MONEY MIZ: Damn, it sounds like a lot of rigorous work. I guess that's why I have a keg instead of a six pack! (Laughing.) I was actually introduced to your modeling work through Elke The Stallion. How'd you link up with Elke and what's it like being a Stallion Model?

JAJUAN: Well, I've been a fan of Elke The Stallion for some time now. I just happened to come across her profile on a modeling website that I was on. I was just getting started with my website and knew that Elke's website has been very popular for a while ( I hit her up and wanted to get a little advice about the industry. I was really surprised when she replied back to me, and answered all my questions. She later informed me of a "Special Project" she thought I had a great look for. Next thing I knew, Elke took me under her wing and I became a Stallion Model. Being a Stallion Model has been fantastic! It's so nice to be surrounded by such a positive group of individuals. Everybody's on their grind, but at the same time lookin' to help out one another too! Elke's been amazing! She's a very intelligent, honest business woman. It's truly refreshing to have somebody like her on my team.

MONEY MIZ: Word, Elke is definitely good to work with. She was excellent doing the feature with me earlier this year. Here at Hip Hop & Bullshit, we like to consider ourselves booty connoisseurs and you have a lovey "DONKEY BOOTY" Specifically, how big is your booty and how on earth do you keep it so smooth and so round???

JAJUAN: 44 inches. I do lots of running, squats, and lunges.

MONEY MIZ: What's your ultimate favorite position?

JAJUAN: It honestly depends on my mood. I love to be on top so I can be in control, but I don't mind being submissive from time to time.

MONEY MIZ: If you had to choose between length or girth, which would you choose?

JAJUAN: See that's messed up! I don't think I can answer that! BOTH ARE VERY IMPORTANT! (Laughing.)

MONEY MIZ: I noticed your website is . What gets your "J Spot" hot?

JAJUAN: Intelligence, a great smile, kissing, touching, getting my hair pulled, and oral pleasures.

MONEY MIZ: Oh that's perfect! I'm a Shaolin Master at all of those techniques! (Laughing.) Just kidding! (Peace to my girlfriend, Hahaha!!!) What's the craziest sex you've ever had? Not necessarily the craziest place, but the craziest sex you've ever had.

JAJUAN: Well there was this threesome I had with these two midgets... (laughing) I'm just kidding!!! Next!

MONEY MIZ: Wow, that would be some shit right there! (Laughing.) What's it like to know so many men (and even women) may have fantasized about you?

JAJUAN: I find it very sexy and also very flattering!

MONEY MIZ: What famous people have you ever fantasized about?

JAJUAN: Morris Chestnut, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, and George Clooney.

MONEY MIZ: Wow, George Clooney somehow just sneaks into every girl's list! Got Dayum!!! (Laughing.) What plans do you have for 2010 as far as your modeling career is concerned? What upcoming projects/videos/magazine spreads do you have in the works? Have you ever done a calendar?

JAJUAN: I haven't appeared in a calendar yet, but there is a 2011 Stallion Models Calendar in the works so look out for that. I'll be in an upcoming Special Edition issue of Stunnaz Magazine featuring the Stallion Models. That's going to be INSANE!!! My personal website is relaunching this month. It has a new look and lots of stuff to keep you occupied and entertained. Very HOT!!! There's also another magazine project in the works but I really can't say too much about it right now. I'll also be hosting some parties and other events so make sure you keep an eye out for me! I just may be in your town!

MONEY MIZ: You seem very comfortable with your body and exposing it on camera. Have you ever taken nude pics and would you ever consider doing nude photo shoots in the future?

JAJUAN: I am VERY comfortable with my body. I don't have a problem shooting nudes, however I'm VERY particular about whom I shoot with.

MONEY MIZ: You mentioned somewhere that you're a sports fanatic. What's your favorite sport and who do you think's gonna win the Super Bowl?

JAJUAN: My favorite sport is football and my favorite team is the Oakland Raiders. No jokes please. I think the Super Bowl is gonna be a close game. I really would like to see New Orleans take it, but Indianapolis has so much experience. It's gonna be a good, tough game!!!

MONEY MIZ: I hope your Denver Nuggets beat the Lakers in the playoffs this year!!! I'm from Boston originally so, ya know what it is!!! What's Denver like?

JAJUAN: I sure hope so too! Go Nuggets!!! I love Denver. It's a very beautiful city to reside in. It gets cold in the winter, but we have the kind of snow that doesn't hang around until the spring thaw. Also, we get a lot of sunshine. It may be 30 degrees, but the sun is shining! As for being in the industry in Denver, it can be very difficult. You have to be able to travel 'cause Denver is not a sought out city for the entertainment industry. There are so many talented and beautiful artists that get overlooked because Denver is not exactly on the map. Hopefully, the industry will start giving us a second look, or at least a look period!

MONEY MIZ: We're a Hip Hop news site so I gotta ask, who's your favorite MC? What Hip Hop have you been listenin' to most lately?

JAJUAN: That's a tough one. I'm a fan of old school Hip Hop so I love 2Pac and Biggie. Of late, I've been listenin' to a lot of Jay-Z. He's like a Chanel Suit... Never goes out of style!!!

MONEY MIZ: Thank you so much for spending time answering our questions. It was a pleasure building with you and I wish you much success in 2010. Please let all of my readers know where they can find more of you online.


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Thank you, it was an absolute pleasure! I wish you prosperity in 2010 as well!

MONEY MIZ: Thanks J.J. Keep up all the good work! And keep me posted on any new happenings with your career. Peace.


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what a beautiful intelligent sister. wishing her all the best in the world.

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No doubt. Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the interview!!!

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