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This week's "DONKEY OF THE WEEK" is the uber erotic and exquisitely luscious VICTORIA TAYLOR a.k.a. VICKIE 6. She's a 26 year old professional model from Sin City, Las Vegas who has experience in virtually every photo style. From glamour shoots to nude, fetish or bondage shoots, Vickie has dominated the market with her beautiful curves that could get any man (or even woman) to wet his/her underwear!!!

Vickie's resume is quite impressive for only modeling full-time for three years now. She's been in commercials with Andre Agassi and Spike Lee, worked in the Rocky Balboa movie, hosted conventions and fashion shows, hosted Kenny Smith's NBA All Star weekend event in 2007, graced the covers of several books, and been featured in King Magazine twice. Her main focus going forward will be promoting her own brand and her own adult web site ( She's pound for pound the sexiest model on the net and as you read further, you'll be able to witness first-hand why she's the internet champ!

Vickie linked up with me this past weekend for an interview so you all can get to know her a little better. Check the interview and enjoy all of her sexy pictures below:

MONEY MIZ: What up Vickie? Thank you so much for takin' the time out of your schedule to get up with me. I been checkin' your Model Mayhem page and had no idea how busy you are!!! I've interviewed models from LA to Denver, but never someone from Las Vegas. How crazy is the game in Vegas? I could only imagine...

VICKIE 6: And thank you for having me. Yeah (laughing) I do get quite busy especially when it comes to being a traveling model. Vegas is a different game. Living in one of the main tourist spots in the world, you never know who you might meet... and networking is very important. I do VIP modeling out here sometimes and occasionally a shoot or convention like "Magic," but other than that there isn't much work out here for me. Traveling is a must!

MONEY MIZ: Have you lived in Vegas your whole life?

VICKIE 6: I was actually born and raised here. Been here for most of my life and having been in so many different places, it always makes you realize how important home is. I love it here. There's no place like Vegas.

MONEY MIZ: You said it!!! I've never been anywhere like it, no doubt! (Laughing.) Now I've been doin' my research on you and, let me tell ya, it's been quite rewarding research! (Laughing.) Your photo spreads are some of the most erotic and sexual spreads I've seen since doing weekly model features on my site. You seem extremely comfortable with your body and shootin' nude. What's it like doing such sexual, nude shoots and are there a lot of asshole "photogs" in the game or have you been blessed to work with professionals?

VICKIE 6: (Laughing.) Well, that's good to hear. Hope you had fun! I am comfortable with my body, when it comes down to it. If you're gonna do something, might as well throw out any insecurities and do it all or nothing style. I have indeed worked with professionals, regardless of my work when it comes down to my personality and style I don't call on anything else other than respect. I'm a very sweet and laid back person.

MONEY MIZ: No doubt about that! I also wanna make sure I point out that your naked photos are very artistic and quite enthralling. There's really something about you that's captivating and pure. But you don't shoot strictly nude. Your less explicit material is quite amazing as well. How is it different for you to prepare mentally and physically for a nude, fetish shoot compared to a clothed glamour shoot?

VICKIE 6: Thank you! I think it's just that mixture of my personality that shines through. I couldn't do the more erotic effectively without pulling that out of somewhere real inside of me. Likewise, I can't do the more sweet things without also having that side of me. I just do it naturally. That's the talent a real model should have.

MONEY MIZ: Natural is something that's definitely lacking in this industry! You're a breath of fresh air in that regard. Do you listen to Hip Hop and who's your favorite MC? Also, who do you just hate as a rapper?

VICKIE 6: Yeah, I love Hip Hop. I can't really pick a favorite though. I've always loved Three-6-Mafia and noticed a lot of the Black Eyed Peas songs have been favorites of mine lately. As far as hate... I don't really know. I wouldn't remember them.

MONEY MIZ: What was it like working with King Magazine?

VICKIE 6: Working with King was cool. They were my first print in a magazine, that I know of. Good exposure.

MONEY MIZ: You might be the most "real" model I've seen in quite some time. There's no plastic surgery, fake breasts or fake booty and it's really refreshing to see a real woman modeling now-a-days. What's your opinion of all the fakeness that's taken over the industry and how do you separate yourself from the phonies?

VICKIE 6: I agree... it is refreshing. And that's a sad thing to say when you think about it. I think if you have to change everything about you, then you're in the wrong career. I just stay myself and don't try to fit into any box.

MONEY MIZ: You're definitely a well rounded business woman and I'm not just talkin' about your booty. (Laughing.) You've been creating some-what of an internet empire. From your website, to book covers, to magazine spreads, to commercials, to hosting events, you've pretty much done it all in a short time frame. From a business stand-point, how difficult has it been to create the brand you have and be as successful as you have been?

VICKIE 6: Yeah, I'm trying... and I have a ways to go, but so far anything I've tried to do has been accomplished. I've always been an entrepreneur so the key is just trying more things.

MONEY MIZ: Word. What's your ethnicity? I'm dying to know what kind of genes created the beauty of Vickie 6!!!

VICKIE 6: (Laughing.) Awww... My father is black, my mother is German, English, Irish and Scottish. Try guessing that!

MONEY MIZ: Wow, I thought I was a mix!!! I'll go out on a limb here and thank your dad for the booty! (Laughing.) If you don't mind me asking, what's your sexual orientation? I've seen you do pictures with girls so I'm wondering what you're into sexually.

VICKIE 6: Ask away! I love men. I can have a physical attraction with women at times and am definitely not afraid of them, but romantically I could never feel for a woman in that way.

MONEY MIZ: What's your favorite position?

VICKIE 6: Depends. But as much as people wanna label missionary as the boring one... It also allows kissing. Plus I can access... myself. (Smiling.)

MONEY MIZ: Word, I've seen y'all women diggin' that a lot actually. (Laughing.) With Valentine's Day around the corner, what would be the ideal romantic evening for Vickie 6?

VICKIE 6: I'd love a candle lit dinner on a nice summer night with someone I can't get enough of. Good food, conversation, some wine and looking into each others' eyes. Simple.

MONEY MIZ: I read something online that you might be retiring in 2010. Is this true? And, if so, what do you have planned for this year and then moving on or past modeling after 2010?

VICKIE 6: Yes it's true, that's the plan. This year I plan on working with everyone I have ever wanted to and traveling as a model everywhere I've always wanted to as well. Doing mags, videos and whatever else I can get my hands on. And then after 2010, working exclusively for my brand and my site.

MONEY MIZ: Seeing that you're from Vegas, I just have to ask if dance at all? 'Cause if you do I need to book a trip with my boys real quick! (Laughing.)

VICKIE 6: What kind of dancing? (Laughing.) We're talkin' about Vegas here! I love to dance when I go out, but as far as strip clubs... I tried that a few times, but the last time was many years ago.

MONEY MIZ: You have some piercings I've noticed in some of your photos. How many do you have and where are they? What initially got you into the art of piercing?

VICKIE 6: I have 10. Five in my ears, one in my nose, one in my lip, one in my belly and both of my nipples. I got into it 'cause it's very visual for my work and exciting.

MONEY MIZ: What's goin' on with all these sites (ahem, Model Mayhem) censoring all your shit? I've noticed you gettin' frustrated on Twitter about this recently. What's your opinion on all of that?

VICKIE 6: Yeah, I've noticed that I'm very heavily censored! (Laughing.) Even though I do try to be tasteful with what I post, write, etc. I think it's something about the curves of my body and eroticism of my nature that makes even a totally innocent person... come off naughty. Not my fault!

MONEY MIZ: I've featured you on my site last year and you've been one of the most popular "DONKEY'S OF THE WEEK" so far. You have an amazing body. What are your measurements and how do you maintain that booty?

VICKIE 6: Good to hear! I do try to work out and I eat pretty healthy, but mostly that's just my body type. I'm 33-25-38.

MONEY MIZ: What is the wildest photo shoot you've ever done and how can my readers (and I) check it out? (Laughing.)

VICKIE 6: (Laughing.) Wildest shoot was an erotic shoot with my ex-boyfriend. That was for us to keep and there are some pics floating around but there won't be anymore (laughing). We will continue to keep those personal.

MONEY MIZ: Aight, well thank you so much for rappin' with me. You're one of our favorite models and I appreciate you takin' the time out to answer my questions. Please tell my readers where they can find more of your beautiful work online, in print, or elsewhere...

VICKIE 6: Sure...

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